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I was born in 1953 in Södertälje, Sweden (just south of Stockholm) and remained there except recently when I am staying more out in the country in Södermanland. 
I was shaped by the '60s, a time when everything was possible, and in a city which had ambitions to be a city of culture. 1968 inaugurated Sodertalje art gallery and I had bought the Beatles White album with a cover by Richard Hamilton in numbered edition (0327418). Yoko Ono appeared and was heard in the sound collage revolution nr 9. Art was a part of the realityI lived in and everything developed rapidly and it took on the difficult as self-evident. Then   time quickly rushed into the future. 

I work with the tools that my art requires. It is the idea that rules. It may be paintings, music, photo, video...  I have made public art and portraits.
Besides my own creations, I work with other peoples art, makes exhibitions, acted as an art gallery director, was a consultant, teacher ... 

Ett centralt tema i mitt konstnärskap är TID 

Now & Recent
12-24.05 2016 
Main Hall of Old Tomyoji, Sankeien Garden Yokohama
3artists; Kira Malmsten Leena Möller Göran Pettersson 
Selection : Kiyoko Sawatari (Appointed Researcher Yokohama Museum of Art and Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum) 

Oceanic feeling II 
 Oceanic feeling is a mystic state when you feel a sense of belonging and oneness with the universe. 
 I. In 1989 I made an art project I called “Ocean feeling”. I left a message, a small engraved silver plate, you could put on a necklace, inside a box made of oaktree in a lake. Because the land rises it would be visible and could be found about 2000 years into the future. There were 2 silver plates, one was given to a girl 1989 and one was a gift to someone in the future. 
 II In 2016 the project continues. A ceremony will be held in 2 sacred places: Sankeien garden in Japan and Lid in Sweden. In Lid beside a several thousand year old stone grave. On the floor in Old Tomyoj, Sankeien garden there is a picture of that stone grave formed as a ship. The ships both direction forms a line around the planet. In Sweden and Japan 2 random chosen persons will be given silver plates to hang around their necks. 2 persons on this planet will walk away carrying the same message. 
The message on the plates is: 
19.03-3.04 2016 
Galleri Kretsen, Södertälj
Jag hade min första separatutställning på Galleri Kretsen för 36 år sedan. 
Nu visar jag mina senaste verk. Presenterar bla.ett projekt som ska till Japan. 
Jag tillägnar utställningen min mor och far. De skulle båda ha fyllt 100 år 2016. 
Visar därför återigen videon "Återskapelse 1941" (kvinnan är min mor) och en liknande video på min far. 
Verket "Återskapelse 1941" är det verk som har blivit mest "berest" och setts av flest människor. Den visades först i ett skyltfönster i Södertälje 06, på Liljevalchs vårsalong 07 och köptes då in av Röhsska museet, var med i Tidens form på Nationalmuseum 08, DokumentART, videoart Szczecin, Polen 09, Papay gyro nights art festival 2014 på Orkneyöarna och Papay gyro nights 2014 i Hong Kong.  
Whispering wind. Utställningstiteln kommer från en låt jag skrev 2007 och spelade in med vår lilla orkester the Whyz 
PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS ART FESTIVAL 2014. Tredwall, Papa Westray (Papay), Orkney 
I am participating with my video Re-Creation 1941. This is a film from 1941 that has never existed. Made from 48 photos from 1941 (polyfoto). 
Video art, sound art, experimental film, music and architecture / is taking a place in unique settings of extreme remoteness of the island Papa Westray (aka Papay, or Papey in Meiri), and in the time of extreme winter weather conditions. The idea of the festival has originated from the ancient Papay tradition of The Night of The Gyros. Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival is a part of NOVA (Northern Video Art Network 
4 -18.04.2014 
Experience the Video Art, Experimental Films and Music from the extreme remoteness of Papa Westray. 
Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival 2014: Hong Kong, one of the city´’s most monumental events of media and contemporary art, is making its third annual return next month. Originated in a remote Scottish island named Papa Westray, Papay Gyro Nights is an annual celebration that reflects on the folktale, heritage, ritual and ancient tradition, interpreted by new media art. Riding along this theme, this year’s Hong Kong edition will comprise a diverse range of activities, including curators talks, video art exhibitions, experimental film screenings, and live performances delivered by more than 10 internationally renowned artists. 
The Hong Kong edition of the festival is co-organized by Videotage and Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival (Orkney), in collaboration with NOVA (Northern Video Art Network), 700IS (Iceland), SKOGUL GONDUL (Norway) and FixC (Finland). 
Contemporary art from Sweden. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 
Contemporary art from Sweden.Embassy of Sweden, Bergman Exhibition Hall 
med 14 konstnärer från Södertälje konstnärskrets. 
Dam som tittar på min video och digitala bild “Shapeshifting”i Yokohama. 
18. dokumentART, videoart Szczecin, Polen 
European Film Festival for Documentaries 
Dokumentarfilmfestival Neubrandenburg, GERMANY/Szczecin, POLAND 
Tidens form001TIDENS FORM. Nationalmuseum. Stockholm  
I utställningen har jag med videoverket Återskapelse 1941. 
“Utställningen Tidens form visar urens formhistoria under de senaste 500 åren och diskuterar tidens märkliga roll i våra liv”. (besöksantalet var 43.000, och när videon visades på Liljevalchs vårsalong var besöksantalet 35-40.000, så antalet som beskådat videon är ca 80.000 personer)